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Could you benefit from Financial Coaching?

First of all, what is Financial Coaching?  Financial coaching means sitting down with a trained professional to review whatever is a concern to you, in your life.  The topic might be dealing with creditors, or how to make ends meet (that's called a budget), deciding about filing bankruptcy (we'll work with you to avoid that at all costs), or planning for retirement or college.  It might include taking an overall look at your life and your financial concerns to discover gaps or important missing pieces -- such as, do you have good life insurance?

Most of us are not experts in ALL areas of our lives.  I have found that reaching out to a professional is often the best use of your time.  A good financial coach will ask you to provide details of your financial situation, including income, expenses, and your goals.  If you don't yet have those goals a coach may help guide you toward setting them.

Bankruptcy is a common question when dealing with financial crises.  But did you know there are a number of debts that bankruptcy cannot solve, such as student loans?  Bankruptcy can also be very expensive (sometimes $1500 for a simple Chapter 7 and up to $5000 for a Chapter 13), so it's prudent to explore all your options before making this decision.

MacDonald Accounting Services offers financial coaching in sessions ranging from one-hour (for a single financial challenge) to a series of one-hour sessions for more complicated or multiple areas of review.  

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Lynn MacDonald