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A flurry of interest in bookkeeping services - early each new year

There is, understandably, a great flurry of interest in bookkeeping and accounting services early each year...after all, tax time is approaching!  I've had clients come to me with an entire year's worth of receipts, bank statements, excel sheets, and other forms of paper asking that it all be quickly and accurately organized into "something my tax accountant will understand."  

This is often the norm for new business owners who thought they could get by without professional bookkeeping support.  It doesn't seem like a big deal at the time if you don't document your mileage or reconcile (what's that?) your checkbook on a monthly basis. 

Don't fool yourself!  If you're in this situation, by all means get your shoebox to a qualified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and get on the right path with a true set of books in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online.  But then what?  Keep it up!  Keep your professional on a monthly retainer so that your books are always up to date, accurate, and ready for reporting or taxes.  Guess what -- this also has the benefit of allowing you to really understand how your business is doing all year long, which can result in better control and more profit for you.


Lynn MacDonald

January 21, 2018


Lynn MacDonald